(Whistle Blowing Policy)

2. Purpose

Smart ID Group Co.,Ltd is committed to conducting business with honestyvincluding anti-corruption in any form. In addition, the company expects that the directors, executives and employees will perform duties in accordance with the principles

The company has set up a policy for reporting clues or complaints ("policies") in order to support and provide channels for the directors, executives and employees of the company. As well as various stakeholder groups report clues or complaints if they have seen (both appearing or suspected) actions or suspected illegal acts regulations and business ethics of the company

2. Scope of clues or complaints

The whistle blower or complainant can report clues or complaints about important matters which may have a very negative impact to company following as below :

     2.1 Illegal action or transgress with policies of company, ethics, against corruption

     2.2 Violation of regulations of company

     2.3 Incorrect financial report, defective internal control system and the preparation of false financial documents

     2.4 Actions that are conflicts of advantage

3. How to complain

Both internally and externally organization can whistle blowing mentioned in no.2 as following :

     3.1 Inform name, address and mobile number clearly including the name of offender, there is the evidence. However, the whistle blower can unclosed yourselves if it dangerous but if you reveal yourself the company to report more conveniently and quickly.

     3.2 All both inside and outside the organization if found offender mentioned in number 2 you can whistle blowing through the channels as below :

          3.2.1 Your commander or the power who you trust

          3.2.2 Send electronic letter to commander or managing director

          3.2.3 Send electric letter to

          3.2.4 Send the letter to Chairman of the Audit Committee

Smart ID Group Co.,Ltd 221 Moo.3 Bangrukpattana sub-district Bangbuathong district

Nonthaburi province 11110

4. Process to proceed when receiving a clue or complaint.

     4.1 When we received HR department will check the information and whistle blower. In case it’s true story HR department will be presented to the audit committee and Board of Directors Including appointing the fact-finding committee for further consideration in the relevant

     4.2 After the audit committee already checked they will issue to audit committee for considering and  set the guideline of solving.

5.  Protection of whistleblowers or complainants

For the confidence of the whistleblower or complainants who report clues or complaint will be protected from the company as following below :

     5.1 The company will not disclose the informations of whistle blower

     5.2 The company will keep secret

     5.3 In case the whistle blower feels dangerous they can request the company to set appropriate protection.

     5.4 The people who have suffered damage will be mitigated by appropriate and fair process.

     5.5 The company will not do any unfair action to the whistleblower or complainant whether a change the position, workplace, suspension, intimidation, interfering with work, lay off or do any other actions that are unfair treatment.

6. Report false clues or complaints

If the company finds that whistleblowing or complaints with proof which is dishonest or false and is intended to cause damage. In the case of being a company employee, disciplinary action will be taken according to the company's regulations. But if it is a third party in which, the action causes damage to the company the company will consider legal proceedings against that person as well.

This regulation effect since 7 May 2018.

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