New Anitech IOT Plug

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New Anitech IOT Plug

Introducing anitech IoT plug, manufactured by Thai people, developed by Thai people. In order to truly respond to Thai people.

The name of "anitech Innovation turns on your life" IoT Platform with Data Analytics, the first in Thailand, targeting smart home lovers at the leading edge of innovation. Moreover control usage via smartphone on June 26, 2019 @EmQuartier.

 “Anitech IoT Plug Model H1000” Highlight main 4 Fuctions

1. On/Off can check the plug is still open or not. If you accidentally leave the kettle or iron plugged in, normally have to go back and turn it off as it could cause a fire. But here we can turn off via the phone immediately.

2. Timing Control can set the time to turn off the power such as when you are reading books at night before bedtime it will make us save electricity in another way.

3. Timer can set the time that we will have Schedule of work that will turn on the light on weekdays such as Set the time to keep the kettle on before going to work every day. And closed on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays etc.

4. Power Display can show the usage of electricity that How much power is consumed. At present and in the future, there will be Machine Learning about which electrical appliances will start to cause problems. Unusually high power consumption it will be suggested to fix it which use this data to create Big Data for further development in the future


It can be downloaded easily on both iOS and Android.

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