Expose the secret of the famous brand Anitech can be achieved because the system

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Expose the secret of the famous brand Anitech can be achieved because the system

Highlight: Highlight : We can be achieved because of good system. We from a small SME company is expanding into a strong public business.


For a 11 years ago in the electronic market with growth as much both quantities and value. From the first year we can sell a thousand pieces until the last year we can sell a 2 millions pieces. There are a several product much more a thousand model including IT devices, mobile devices, game devices until now there are electrical appliances.  The most important at this moment we are being a Public Limited Company as soon.

Mr. Thomas-Pitchyen Hongphakdee (Chief Executive Officer of Smart ID Group Co., Ltd.), said the goal is a Regional company. Such a export to AEC market. At the same time, it also wants to be passed to younger generation. Therefore, the stock market is the one strategy to achieve the goal.


“ I will always emphasize not to look the stock market as a dream that you have to achieve, but you have to answer to yourself that is it suitable for your organization. Because some business may not be appropriate. If you decided to entering it will make it more difficult”

It can be said that this is a goal of moving forward…. He said “ A good design that comes with quality of price and there is a warranty of 300,000 baht the most.” And guarantees throughout Asia, which he confident that these 3 things not yet available for others, but Anitech can offer  these to customers.

“ Technology change everyday but the design is forever. Therefore what we do is never touch the speed change. We know that even if we run fast, it is difficult to catch up.  You can look backward a product for 5-6 years we can still selling because we are in Lifestyle Technology not WOW Technology. We thinks  we will do together with people, we can sell everyday that is our business. We are not technology we are ready to stand still and let others end. We always emphasize we are smart follower not pioneer ”

For the electrical appliances he said “actually he wanted to do for 10 years ago, but that time was not as ready as today. Both the strength of the brand and distribution channels. So, he started a business with consumer electronics product first. Until today everything is ready and then bring the original project back. At first we emphasize electrical appliances (smallhome) such as hot pot, electric oven, toaster, sandwich maker etc. we ever co-branding with barbeque plaza all 4 models. For the plan this year about new products around 50-100 models.


Currently, the heart of this business it’s not a hard sale or  R&D but the heart of this business is the inside story that is a everyone doesn’t like.

“ Heart is the inside story ” He said “I believe  the business is good depend on inside story. Although the outside is look good but the inside is mess, so it fail. Everything have to hit and miss, and our as well.”


The most important things of inside story there are 3 main point

1. Product  if the product is goods it will have the time to handle but if the product not good you have to solve the problem, for the smart ID Group emphasize the User-Centered Design for improving the goods.

2. The most of SME may not recruit skill people more difficult large organization. Therefor you should recruit the right person better. We choose the person has good attitude.

3. IT system the business can not grow up if don’t have the good IT system. Because it make the true data. Now aday we use ERP system to link all data for help manage the business.

“ If you do things that are not good for you Then there are people who are better, You have to consider whether to continue in this business or will go to a business that you are better. Finally, have to come back to analyze your SWOT, if analyzed others are better than you all. Then why you stay? Everything can change the competition is good If we can do better, then continue. If you fail you need to change the strategy. Language of start up has a word “Pivot” some business do it 10 times can be achieved” Mr. Thomas-Pitchyen Hongphakdee



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